Knowing what to buy and when to buy it will save you a ton of money!!

This morning, Andrea shared some money savings tips with us!  We all know that at the end of each season those things go on sale so stores can make room for the next season.  So, it may seem strange to think about buying summer items now that it’s cold, but it could save you more than 50%!

Here are some things you can buy super cheap right now:

Sean And Richie Camping outside Crossgates Mall
Richie Phillips, WGNA

Camping Supplies- These items can be very expensive. But, right now camping gear is discounted at almost all camping supply stores and websites.  I found this Cabela's Youth Mountain Trapper 0°F Sleeping Bag for over 50% off.  Just $23.88.   If you know you will need it next year, it can also double as Christmas or Birthday present too!!

Lawn Mowers- October is the best time to buy a lawn mower. You will buy one next summer for almost $300.  Right now, they are as low as $150 at Home Depot.

Grills – October is the best month to buy a grill too!!   They are priced as low as $80 at Target. This would also make a great Christmas or Birthday present!!

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