What a great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was.  I can't even believe I'm saying "was".  What a tragic loss.  Thankfully, we do have him immortalized on film, however.  Here are what's considered some of his greatest works

According to reports from CNN.com, Hoffman was found dead in his NY apartment of an apparent drug overdose .  The world lost a fantastic actor.  It seemed like this guy could "morph" into any character naturally, without overacting.    Here are 5 great examples of movies where he REALLY stood out, either in a lead or supporting role.

1.  The Big Lebowski!  (Watch the language here)

2.  Magnolia

3. Punch Drunk Love

4. Truman  (this should be #1 ) 

5. Charlie Wilson's War

He will definitely be missed.  GOD, I HATE DRUGS!!