When I was a kid, Evel Knievel was the man. Not just any man. THE man. There was no internet or YouTube. Evel Knievel jumps had to be seen either on the nightly news or ABC's Wide World of Sports. I can't tell you how much I would have loved to have all of his best jumps in one place. Now, that childhood dream becomes a reality. I present to you the greatest jumps of Evel Knievel.

5. Evel's first jump in 1967 on Wide World of Sports

This is where it started - at least for America's awareness of Evel. Much less sophisticated equipment than later jumps. Very rudimentary ramp. But, still classic Evel even though his costume looked more like he was the 5th member of Stryper.

4. Evel attempts to jump 13 buses in Wembley Stadium in London in 1975

I remember watching the entire TV broadcast of this one. There was a ton of pre-jump coverage and you could tell that he was not his typical confident self. Later, Evel would admit to knowing he couldn't make the jump but didn't want to let the crowd down.

3. Evel clears 14 buses at Kings Island in Ohio in October of 1975

This was Evel's longest successful jump and was a world record for Harley jumps for 24 years. In typical Evel fashion, he announced his retirement after the jump then unretired a few months later.

2. Evel tries to jump the fountains at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in 1968

It's amazing this jump didn't kill him. I don't remember how many bones he broke in this failed jump, but it definitely made Evel Knievel a household name.

1. Evel jumps the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974

Evel did a lot of crazy things in his lifetime, but there was nothing quite like the hype that was built up prior to his attempted jump over the Snake River Canyon. Evel's "Skycycle" didn't even come close to making it and again, he was fortunate that he didn't die. One thing most people don't realize is that Evel actually did clear the canyon, but the early deployment of the chute combined with the wind caused it to be blown back to the launch side where he drifted down to the rocks below and not the river, where he would have more than likely drowned.

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