Need some inspiration where to grab breakfast? Check out Yelp's top 5 breakfast spots in Albany based on user reviews!

Looking for a great place to grab breakfast in Albany? There is nothing better than actual customer reviews, and these are the top 5 breakfast spots in Albany according to Yelp users.


  • 1

    Cafe Madison

    1108 Madison Avenue

    At the top of Yelp's list is Cafe Madison. I think the first user review sums up the quality of the food here:

    Just a short review, this is one of the best breakfast I've had period...Strongly recommend going down..found myself delighted by their unique menu options and special takes on many classic items, including my favorite: Eggs Benedict. Anthony F. Fishfill, NY

  • 2

    Iron Gate Cafe

    142A Washington Avenue

    I am just going to let the photo below speak for itself. I would order this twice, then take a third order home to eat later. And based on their Instagram pics, they also love Elvis and the ambiance of this Iron Gate looks really cool.


  • 3

    Eggy's Place

    1 Erie Boulevard

    This one is good news bad news. The bad news is Eggy's Place is a food truck and will not re-open until the Spring. The good news? Eggy's will be worth the wait. Yelp reviewer Jessica H said:

    'The BEST breakfast sandwich I have ever had!!!!  You can tell as soon as you walk up to get in line at the Eggy's truck that this is a local favorite and as soon as you take that first bite you will know why!' 

  • 4

    The Breakfast Spot

    66 Central Avenue

    With a name like 'The Breakfast Spot' you better deliver the goods, and this place does! Plus, there are some unique options here like fried fish with waffles that set it apart.

  • 5

    Jack's Diner

    547 Central Avenue

    You can't a have a top 5 breakfast spots list without a diner, and Jack's rounds out the top 5 Albany breakfast spots according to Yelp users. If you love an old school spot, a beacon of chrome that draw's you in, Jack's is the spot. And the food is pretty darn good too!



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