The Times Union Center has been through some amazing renovations lately but those renovations caused tens of millions of dollars in debt and now they need to find a way to pay it off which could involve a new professional team.

News10 is reporting that the Albany County's Comptroller is making the argument to sell the Times Union Center for tens of millions of dollars with the hope to pay off that new debt. Selling the Times Union Center would, of course, bring in a lot of money to Albany but many are arguing that it's "wishful thinking," including the general manager of the TU Center, Bob Belber.

Though the Times Union Center made $1.3 million last year, that still leaves $68 million that they owe and hope doesn't fall onto the taxpayers to pay off. Belber already thinks he has an answer, a professional team to sell seats, suits, and to drive up advertising. Belber said, "Bring in revenues that it would need to sustain the player costs and operation costs for an NBA or NHL team, that's the only way that somebody could come in and make a go, privately of this facility. And I don't see that happening."

It looks as if the Times Union Center is off-the-market for now but that's a lot of money to owe for construction costs and they're probably going to have to do something soon or else taxpayers will have to make up the rest.

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