Tim McGraw is a singer, actor and songwriter. He has won multiple awards and seen plenty of his songs and albums reach the top of the charts. He’s also a family man who lives a picturesque life with wife Faith Hill and their three children.

And oh yes, he's hot.

McGraw's charm, good looks and — oh yeah — abs are constantly on display on the Louisiana-born star's Instagram page. From fishing shirtless to sitting in the sun shirtless to working out backstage shirtless, there is no doubt that McGraw has a physique that umm, we like to look at … shirtless. He seems to be getting better and better through the years, if that’s even possible.

Of course, McGraw has worked hard for that physique, constantly finding ways to work out whether at home, at the gym or backstage at a show. And while his fans love him for much more than his pecs, one must agree that he’s mighty fine to look at.


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