To promote the new Duracell Quantum battery --and celebrate EMTs, firefighters and first responders all over the country-- Tim McGraw and Duracell are teaming up to give away one million batteries to the men and women who keep us safe when disaster strikes. The result is a series of tear-jerking video interviews that will make you want to thank a hero today.

McGraw will host the videos, which have been dubbed the 'Quantum Heroes' series. The clips showcase everything from FDNY workers who banded together to save people trapped in their houses during Hurricane Sandy to first responders in Ohio who saved a baby from dying due to smoke inhalation.

The country music star has been a longtime supporter of the good work first responders do, especially those in his home state of Louisiana. So, when Duracell asked him to meet with first responders, firefighters and EMTs, and help create 'Quantum Heroes' videos, McGraw obliged.

"When [Duracell] asked me to be the host of the Quantum Heroes video series, I couldn't say no," he said in a statement.

The series of clips will air on Duracell's Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as other social media outlets. The videos are made in a way that uses first responders to highlight the long-lasting Quantum batteries that will keep their equipment running for longer.

After all, if your radio runs out of battery power in the middle of a natural disaster, how can you safely help others survive? We have a feeling that's why McGraw jumped at the chance to work as a spokesman for this product.


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