The NFL was dominated this weekend with talk of player protests after President Trump shared his very passionate thoughts about NFL players not standing for the National Anthem. I'm curious to get your thoughts. When players "take a knee" how does it make you feel; is it their right or is is disrespectful? Perhaps it's both.

Yesterday, many NFL players and owners rallied against President Trump who suggested that NFL owners who see players “disrespecting the flag” should say “get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he’s fired.”

I love my country, I honor the flag, and I admire and am humbled by the servicemen and women fight (many of whom have died) to protect our most basic rights and freedoms. Thanks to the many great Americans that came before us, we have the right to peacefully protest;  and at the same time, we have the right to peacefully protest, the protesters.

The NFL was a very divided place yesterday. Some teams decided that it was better to just skip the anthem altogether, and they stayed in the locker room.  Other players locked arms and stood, and many, many players knelt.

While the National Anthem played, all players and fans were heard, even in their silence.

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