We took a trip to Long Island this weekend for a baseball tournament that my son was in. We didn't quite know what to expect. Not only at the baseball tournament but in the new "normal" COVID world. What we encountered were a different type of people we met and a whole new way of living and playing.

With the mask mandates almost completely lifted, we were to embark on a weekend filled with hotel stays, bar nights, and baseball fields with lots of players and fans. We were surprised to be in almost a COVID-free environment all the way around. The hotel was clean and it was up to the hotel guests whether or not they wanted to wear a mask. Most of us didn't but if some were, it wasn't frowned upon. A bunch of baseball moms went out on Saturday night and hit a few bars not knowing what to expect. The people were friendlier than ever. They smiled at complete strangers, danced without masks, and even made it feel like we were all celebrating our liberation from COVID. I gotta say it was amazing.

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At the baseball facility, which is aptly named "Baseball Heaven", it was like something out of a movie. Not only because the fields were awesome, complete with turf, dugouts, state-of-the-art bullpens, and foul poles. If you could have been at a little league field of dreams, this was it. But not just the amazing facility, it seemed like we were back before COVID. The players wore gators but didn't have to use them and the fans, parents, siblings, grandparents, were able to go mask-free and cheer on their little ballers.

baseball heaven

Even though the weather wasn't great, it was a bright start to summer and my hope is that it's only going to get better. I swear COVID died this weekend and I ended up in Baseball Heaven.

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