Attention, Capital Region. There is a new danger lurking. It's right on that smartphone of yours. It's that little innocent game called "Candy Crush."

I'm not kidding here. It looks like it can happen, and it DID happen to a California man. He ended up with a repetitive stress injury from playing Candy Crush.

Launch Of King's New Mobile Game Candy Crush Soda Saga
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If you use your thumbs too much on your phone, according to the article here at, you can end up with "texting thumb." Great, something else to worry about.

Of course, you're not going to get it playing once in awhile. But if you play all day for more than six weeks straight, chances are you might end up with a problem.

So if you or your kid starts feeling pain in your thumb and loss of motion, you could be a potential victim of what I call CCCS - Chronic Candy Crush Syndrome (I made that up).

Do you play these games too much (as in six weeks straight)? Would love to know!

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