This city is not only super good looking, but is also a super intelligent hotspot.

Albany has been featured in the book 'The Smartest Places On Earth.' The authors, Antoine Van Agtmael and Fred Bakker, have named New York's capital an 'emerging hotspot of innovation.' According to the Times Union, Albany's nanotechnology and semiconductor sector make Albany a focus in the book. Akron, Minneapolis, Raleigh-Durham and Portland also were mentioned.

I feel smarter just reading the words 'nanotechnology' and 'semiconductor.' Though if you asked me what they meant I would say a semicondcutor is a guy who drives a truck, and 'nano' I would just say over and over again for fun. Yes, it is obvious I am not the one making Albany smart.

All kidding aside, I think for everyone one living here this is no surprise. Not only are we a technology hotspot, but we have some of the finest institutions in the world for higher education. Resselear, UAlbany, Siena; the list goes on and on. Here's to you Albany! Super intelligent, and you're really good looking too.