I always feel that certain types of weather make me feel like doing certain activities. While I consider myself a fairly active person no matter what, I do find myself leaning towards lazier options depending on how awful the weather is outside. For example, when its sunny, but not too hot out, I enjoy being in the barn, riding my horses or taking my dogs for a nice, long walk.  On the really hot and humid days, I like being outside, but I'm more likely to lounge by a pool and sunbathe then be overly active.

When it's not so nice out, I'd much prefer to be inside doing something productive that I've been putting off for a while.  (You know, like cleaning out the entire refrigerator since the orange juice bottle had a crack in it and now everything is sticking to one another.)

There are of course those days when despite whatever the Capital Region is dumping on us, we still have to go to work, travel out of town, wait for the bus, etc.  On rainy days, though, I find myself always wanting to veg on the couch and drift into a nice relaxing nap.  I asked a group of our Facebook fans/friends on our page what their favorite thing is to do when it's raining out, like it will be doing most of today and into tomorrow. Here are the top results:

Reading a book

Listening to WGNA-FM


Watching a movie or TV

Napping on the couch with pets