Are you picky about what kind of beer resides in your glass? Would you believe an event with over 150 types of "brewskis"?  Read on! 

Screen Shot Beer Week
from website

What a great event this is gonna be.  They even have gluten free beer for us intolerant types .  Hello?  It's called Omission

omission beer
photo by Richie PHillips

I can remember when having a gluten problem really limited everything that you do, but it seems to be everywhere these days.  I'm told, for all of you folks with a similar problem, that there are several brands represented there at the event, so you will not be left out!

In fact, make sure that you stop into the Henry Street Tap Room.  They have gluten free beer and food choices as well .

Want more information?  Go to  We'll see you there!

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