When I see "Nor'easter Developing" in all of the news headlines, I've got to ponder "What in the world is a Nor'easter"? Before you get too judgmental, please be advised that I am not actually from the Northeast. In the Midwest we don't really have such a thing.

According to the Times Union,  Nor'easter may bring severe wind, sleet and snow to the Capital Region. The article also states that many local ski resorts may close down.

The storm brings an advisory to be in effect until 1pm tomorrow.

For my own education and maybe a refresher course for any of you out there, Accuweather defines a Nor'easter as a storm that "mainly affects the Northeast and arises when warm air of the Atlantic ocean hit the arctic cold".

It kind of makes one regret 40 degree weather for two days straight. Accuweather  also claims that around three Nor'easter's hit the United States annually.

Please be safe out there and be prepared for harsh weather conditions.

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