For this installment of the Young Fables‘ Covering Your Tracks series, Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford are taking on Aubrie Sellers' tongue-in-cheek breakup anthem "Sit Here and Cry.” Click play above to watch the duo’s acoustic rendition of the song, exclusively debuting on The Boot.

While the Young Fables' undertaking of Sellers' 2016 single is a little less raucous than the original, it's clear that the duo is having plenty of fun covering the song. Wright's vocals are soulful and rootsy, but it's Lunsford's guitar playing that really shines; his electric stylings bring the rambunctious song to life alongside a simple acoustic melody.

"It was a real treat to perform a song so groovy," Wright tells The Boot. "It’s really something special when an artist can transform heartache into an uptempo song that allows the listener to dig into their soul with a smile. That’s the great thing about the blues, and it is something that some of the greatest blues artists of all time have had the ability to synthesize effortlessly. Aubrie knocked this one out of the park."

The daughter of country icon Lee Ann Womack, Sellers has made a name for herself by following in her mother's footsteps, but on her own terms. By infusing blues, country and rock into her music, the 26-year-old singer (a 2017 Taste of Country RISER) has created a unique sound and songwriting style: In the original version of "Sit Here and Cry," drums, guitars and a strong dose of harmonica converge to highlight defiantly cheeky lyrics about how strong women react in the wake of a breakup.

“There may be people who think this is a song about being paralyzed ‘cause the guy left,” Sellers says about "Sit Here and Cry." “Most girls are far less destroyed than people want to believe. So this song is like one giant eye roll, or maybe a ‘yeah, that’s what you think …,’ set to music. We are stronger and bounce back faster than some songs paint us, and that’s what this song’s all about.”

The powerful message and rock 'n' roll vibe of "Sit Here and Cry" are a perfect fit for the Young Fables, who knew that they wanted to cover the song from the very first moment they heard it. The above rendition was recorded with Brett Stewart at the Sound Shelter in Franklin, Tenn., and filmed by Patryk Larney of Hope Tree Entertainment.

"All of Aubrie's songs are so inspirational, but this one in particular landed home with us," Wright says. "As soon as we heard it, we heard our own version of the tune and knew exactly how we wanted to perform it."

“Sit Here and Cry” is currently available for download on iTunes. A new installment of Covering Your Tracks will debut on The Boot on April 5.

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