In a year that saw the Saints go to and win their first Super Bowl and the Giants stun baseball by beating the Phillies and the Cliff Lee lead Rangers to win the World Series for the first time since 1954 and never as the San Fran Giants, I think it's pretty sad that the things I will remember most are the worst stories.

      Tiger Woods turned out to be the Worlds Greatest Cheater as well as the World's Greatest Golfer.

    Brett Farve came back one too many times and tarnished his reputation as a good old farm boy and family man by chasing a sideline reporter and finally getting fined $50,000 for reasons that still aren't clear to me. 

    This year saw my Yankees fall short in the playoffs and free agency as well as fight with the Captain Derek Jeter. That whole Jeter/Yankees fight was like watching your best friends fight for me. You can't pick sides and you just wish they would find a common ground.

  Who can forget the Lebron James announcement? What a mess he made of that! If "King James" had just quietly left town there would be some hurt feeling but nothing like this.

 Cam Newton, college footballs best offensive player and maybe highest paid. Well at least we know his dad got paid. (I wonder if I can get that deal for Ella someday)

  Oh and those stupid horns at the World Cup! As  if I didn't already hate soccer you had to give me one more reason!

   You know what though? I'm a glass half full kind of guy. I will look back at this year in sports and focus on the good things. The Oakland Raiders didn't Suck, The New York Knicks remembered how to play hoops and A whole new year of sports and life start Saturday!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES!!! Good luck to all your favorite teams (unless that team is the Red Sox)

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