This was truly an unbelievable moment on the show heard this morning during a segment on the GNA Morning Show called "Ask Us Anything".  The conversation started when a terminal man named Doug asking us to define "Golden Years". What it  turned into, was one of the most powerful and invaluable life lessons we've ever heard, let alone aired.

We do a segment each Friday morning as a way of opening up some dialogue and interacting with you about topics we may not ordinarily discuss. What happened this morning completely blew us away as neither myself, Chrissy or Jess was prepared for what would unfold when we received this phone call.  Grab some tissues, listen to this man's wisdom, and apply it to your life immediately.

Thank you Doug for opening up our eyes by sharing with us, and our listeners, your very personal journey.  The impact that you made on us in just a few short moments will stay with us throughout our Golden Years, which we all started living today.

God Bless

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