Within the last month or so the landscape has changed around the SUNY campus on Washington Avenue Extension and Fuller Road in Albany, with a new bridge connecting the two buildings of the Nanotech Complex. I did a blog about when they were closing the road to assemble it.

They are the Nanotech Building and the NanoFab Extension – the newer building that is still being built. It’s all part of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. The plan for Nanotech is to produce 450-millimeter wafers, used for computers. It will also be called Global 450. It will be a joined effort of Intel, IBM, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and Global Foundries which will also house these companies.

What will also happen is the realignment of Washington Avenue Extension and actually move the road north of its present location. The bridge will then be over part of the parking lot. It will be awhile before everything is completed. The planned date will be in 2013.

Doesn’t it seem like this is the General Electric of the 2000s? Look at the campus that GE built in Schenecatady.