I guess this was a big deal, but I didn't even hear about it until yesterday, to be honest.  There was a huge protest amongst college students complaining about student debt. Here's what happened. 

According to one article from Patheos.com, there were 110 schools participating in a huge demonstration primarily focused on the exorbitant cost of higher education. It's especially difficult for students of lower income families to even approach what it costs right now to attend a school.

Some are even advocating FREE education, and I know that was part of Bernie Sanders' platform.

Here was a report from one such protest

We are one of the lucky ones.  We worked it out so our son doesn't have college debt.  He's already told us about some of his friends and how much they owe and will continue to owed for years to come.

In some cases it's like a second mortgage for people.  Something definitely has to be done .  I'm sure it will never be free, but at least make it reasonable!  (Maybe I'll paint a protest sign myself)

How much is YOUR kid paying for tuition?  Would love to know.






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