Let's face it, we all make mistakes...but this one was pretty bad.  All day yesterday we knew there was the potential for some larger snow totals in the hill towns, but I was under the impression that Albany, Schenectady, and Troy was more than likely going to get a little bit of snow, maybe some rain, no biggie. I say this with respect to the men and women who generally do a good job of predicting the weather:  You botched this one pretty badly.

I realize a degree or two or a change of air pressure can make all the difference in the world but even our very solid WGNA meteorologist from the Weather Channel, Ray Stagich got a chuckle or two when we were busting his chops about how inaccurate they were.  He even admitted to us, plain and simple, they screwed up.  How or why is irrelevant; if I go to a restaurant and order chicken, don't bring me a hot dog.  Today's weather versus what they predicted was the Joey Chestnut of botch jobs.  It was like scarfing down 60 hot dogs when all you wanted was a chicken sandwich.

It happens, we all make mistakes and sometimes a nice Nathan's with some yellow mustard isn't the worst thing.





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