This Thursday night will be our final performance for the "WGNA Rising Stars Concert Series" at Proctors. We will be ending the series for 2013 with a BANG. "The Farm" will be showcased and this is one show you really do NOT want to miss.

"The Farm" is a great trio featuring, Nick Hoffman, who was Kenny Chesney's fiddle player for years, Damien Horne a multi-talented guy who has performed country, R&B and even Alternative rock, and Krista Marie.

The Farm, Facebook Fan Page
The Farm, Facebook Fan Page

I have to tell you I'm a pretty big fan of Krista Marie, I had a chance to meet her in Memphis when I went down to tour St. Jude. I had no idea who she was when she held the hotel door for me. We made some small talk and she said that she had just started with a new band and she would make sure they send me a CD to listen to. A week after I got back it was at the station. Not only did I love the CD, I just love it when you meet someone who is just a nice, real person. She was that.

I may have left out that she is definitely not hard to look at. You could assume that this is the reason she has found herself and her friends with this record deal. You would be mistaken. There is plenty of talent with all three members of the band.

The truth about Krista Marie is after you meet her, the good looks just become an afterthought, a bonus if you will. I found out that night that she was also from the great state of New York, her hometown is  Batavia which is between Rochester and Buffalo. This could indeed bring another misconception to mind. A pretty girl from N.Y. couldn't possible be really "Country". Wrong again.

This girl would surprise you. She is probably more comfortable with a wrench in her hand than a microphone. I think the best way to explain it is with some pictures of Krista that are very different than the one you saw at the beginning of the article. the girl definitely takes "Tomboy" to a whole new level.

(photos courtesy of Facebook)


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