It's safe to say Winter Storm Stella has left a lot of us stunned. Sure, maybe we shouldn't be stunned, we live in Upstate New York after all. But, lets look at our last couple of years with a complete lack of snowfall, it seemed like a pretty realistic trend to continue. That's until yesterday, of course.

The snow was falling so quickly that if you didn't have a truck or SUV you were almost poo outta luck! With white out conditions, road ways so snow covered you couldn't see the lanes or where guardrails or shoulders were, cars that were stuck and abandoned, etc it was not a commute for the weary.

Even once the driveways were cleared, the snow kept on falling! It hasn't helped that I've been sick since the weekend, but when I stepped outside this morning, I wasn't expecting to have as much snow at the end of my driveway as there still is. My pretty Honda Civic, parked at the very top of my driveway is completely covered on it's front. There was no getting out today! Even my snowblower had waved it's white flag for the moment.

How was your Winter Storm Stella experience???

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