We had an amazing concert season here in the Capital Region for Summer 2017, but one show stood above the rest as GNA Nation's favorite.

Zac Brown Band. Luke Bryan. Florida Georgia Line. Tim and Faith. Countryfest. Taste of Country. Brad Paisley. It certainly was an amazing concert season here at in the Capital Region. To be honest, choosing one of these shows as your favorite was probably like choosing your favorite child. It's impossible to do, as each one had it's great moment. But ultimately, certain shows seem to stand out above others for whatever reason.

So I asked the question to GNA Nation - what was your favorite Summer 2017 concert? And the final vote was not as close as I thought it would be. Luke Bryan at SPAC was GNA Nation's favorite show this summer, and 40% of voters felt that way. FGL was second with 17% of the votes and ZBB came in 3rd with 10% of the votes.

There is really no wrong answer here as all the shows we were so luck to see this summer were great. But to make 40% of you happy, here is some video from the Luke show to help you relive your favorite show during GNA's Summer In the 518.


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