The "Thanks $4 Giving" campaign is underway to support research for Niemann -Pick Type C.

The Friends of The Honsingers are asking for a one time $4 donation to help find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C, a disease their son JP and other kids around the world are fighting. There is currently no cure and donations are needed to help research one.

The "Thanks $4 Giving" campaign will run the10 days before Thanksgiving.  They are asking for a one time $4 donation and that you share your donation on Facebook asking your friends and family to help as well!

Friends of the Honsingers face book
Friends of the Honsingers face book

We have started a campaign to see how many $4 donations we can get in a 10 day period before and through Thanksgiving. We are so appreciative and THANKFUL for the continued support! These donations go directly to research for Niemann-Pick Type C. Please share with your friends, and ask them to share with theirs. So many people are unaware of Childhood Alzheimer's and when they learn about it, they always always always want to help find a cure!!


Spread the word- let's find a cure!!  To make your $4 donation check out "Thanks $4 Giving".

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