WOW, I am so excited to hear that Eric Church has Dwight Yoakam going out on tour with him. I have always thought that Eric Church was awesome but this move solidifies it for me. It's interesting though , I hadn't really thought about it before now but now I can totally see the similarities between these two artists.

There is no way I am missing this concert. The only problem is that so far, as the tour is right now, they will not be any closer to us than Madison Square Garden. I can only hope that some smart promoter or venue decides to get him booked a little closer.

Maybe a trip to the big city would be fun too though. Either way if you are as excited as me to be able to see these guys together, or if you have never really listened to or heard Dwight's music, here is one of my favorites from 1993.Perfect for "Throwback Thursday"!

Dwight Yoakam, "Fast As You"

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