Target currently pays their employees $10/hour but as of the end of 2020, that's changing and their pay is going up.

Target Corp has decided that after raising their pay to $10 from $9 last year, they will continue to rise base pay to $15 by the end of 2020. Their hope is that this pay raise will allow more people to work for them and therefore they will be able to keep a "top-quality staff" and make it a better shopping experience. This is just weeks after announcing that they will soon lower prices of their branded products.

Walmart is known to be paying people a base pay of $7.25 and other similar stores have been hovering around $10 which makes this pay jump revolutionary for their industry. According to The Daily Mail, they're hoping to do this so that they can compete with other stores for workers which will in turn create better employees, which will in turn cause more people to come to the store, which will of course allow them to lower prices further.

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