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Local Orchard Grows Long List of Prohibited Pickers
I remember last September writing about a local orchard that wasn't messing around when it came to people jacking their apples, pilfering their fruit and mooching their macs.  Jake Samascott is a 4th generation farmer at Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook and  according to the repo…
Feliz Covidad: Schenectady Nixes Annual Holiday Parade
Not even the magic of the season could prevent city officials from canceling the popular Schenectady Holiday Parade which would have celebrated it's 52nd year.  Instead, Schenectady's Mayor announced on Monday that the celebration of all things St. Nick had officially been scrapped.
Hungry Coyote Follows Brian Around Golf Course [VIDEO]
No big deal, just a coyote hanging out following us around the golf course yesterday.
This happened while some buddies of mine as we were playing at a golf course located about an hour south of Albany on Sunday. At around the 14th hole on the Poughkeepsie course, we spotted a deer hanging out behind …
Over the Hill: Senior Man Cliff Dives the Catskills
This is incredible.  This old-timer has the heart of a lion and he's showing these Gen Z'ers how it's done.   Watch as a 73-year-old man jumps off a deadly cliff in the Catskill Mountains as a raucous group of (much younger) thrill-seekers cheer him on in utter amazemen…
Upstate Bigfoot Sightings Alarmingly Down During Pandemic
It's pretty well documented on social media that people are spending more time in the woods during the pandemic. Heck, I've been out in the woods a bunch of times - most of that looking for golf balls that I've driven into the trees - but you get my point...
Meet The Spider-Man Seen Hanging All Over the 518
Spiderman, Spiderman
The 518 has a Spiderman
Look around, with your eyes
On a lamp-post or building side
Look out, for 518 Spiderman
I'll be honest, this dude running around the Capital Region dressed as Spidey had me confused for weeks.  I haven't seen him personally, only in pictures, but I didn't thin…
Local Restaurant Bites Back at Latest Cuomo Mandate
The ever-changing world of pandemic and social distancing rules threw us a bit of a curve ball yesterday during the Governor's press conference.  The latest mandate from Cuomo states that restaurants may not serve alcohol to customers unless they buy food.   Restaurants quickly found a "loophol…

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