We may only be six weeks into the fall semester, but a group of college students at the University at Albany have already had to answer the most difficult question they'll be asked all year.

That question is, of course, where does Upstate New York start? 

These were their answers.

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Students at UAlbany Answer Viral Question: "Where does Upstate NY start?"

Choosing to share your answer to this controversial question is already brave enough to begin with. Add in a film crew documenting your answer, however, and now, you're among the bravest residents in all of New York.

Ten UAlbany students showed their inner bravery in a recently-posted video on UA's social media pages. Here are the answers to the question:

Question: "Where does Upstate New York start?"

Answer #1: "Poughkeepsie and up."

Answer #2: "Tarrytown and up."

Answer #3: "Anything not New York City."

Answer #4: "Poughkeepsie and up, too."

Answer #5: "It's either Albany or Saratoga for me."

Answer #6: "Yonkers and above, above the city."

Answer #7: "I was going to say the same thing, above the city."

Answer #8: "I think above the city."

Answer #9: "Poughkeepsie."

Answer #10: Anything above The Bronx."

So, for those keeping score at home, the answer to the question is:

  • Above New York City (x4)
  • Poughkeepsie (x3)
  • Albany
  • Tarrytown
  • The Bronx

Due to the polarizing nature of this question, each reader of this article will have a different response to the answers given by these students. Some will believe that the students are among the smartest in the world, and are clearly receiving a first-rate education at the University at Albany.

The rest of you, meanwhile, will be wrong.

Here's the full video, courtesy of the official UAlbany Instagram page:

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