Easy Summer Treat To Make With Your Kids
Chances are you will hear, "I'm bored" about a thousand times a day during the summer. You will probably be invited to a bunch of picnics and parties too. Well now you can combine the help of your kids with a delicious summer treat.
1500 Local Seasonal Jobs Available
If you are looking for a fun, seasonal job, you are in luck. There are over fifteen hundred jobs available in our area. They are looking for workers who like to have fun and are enthusiastic.
Nana's Favorite Card Game Gets A Sequel
After forty plus years, a popular card game is getting a brand new sister game with some of the same fun as the original. Our household is very excited because we have been playing the original since we were little.
Fun, Educational, Free and My Toddler and I Loved It!
Our lives are busy, the weather has been frigid and sometimes as parents, the best bonding time you can have with your child is home, chilling out watching some TV or playing with puzzles or trucks. Believe me, I get it. But this past weekend, I wanted some adventure and I felt like my 2...
Fun Family Day At Local Farm
I love this time of year here in the Capital Region. This has become a tradition for our family. We go to this family farm every year and have a blast.
Car Travel Games -Which Ones Do You Love?
Everyone has a trick to pass the time on a long car ride. We used to have to be creative in coming up with games to make the trip go faster. Now with technology, it's a lot easier for everyone to keep themselves occupied. But if you had to go back, what car games were the most fun to play?

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