A critical deficiency is what they are calling it and it forced the grocery store to discard a ton of perishable food items.

Well this is concerning for Aldi shoppers in the Capital Region. After a Facebook post went slightly viral an inspector from the division of Food and Safety paid the Aldi in Colonie a visit and what they found is pretty gross.

Here is what the Facebook post said:

TO: ALDI SHOPPERS!!! I don't shop at Aldi's, and probably never will now......................... **Aldi's in Colonie on Central ave. ......... **Posted 3 hours ago.........
Whatever you do, DONT GO TO ALDI ON CENTRAL AVE and buy any cooler things. literally all of the pallets/carts were left out in the back room ALL NIGHT and district is telling us to put them on the shelf anyway when they are WARM so don’t buy meat, milk, cheese ANYTHING IN THE COOLER AREAS!!!!!! (will probably lose my job for this but that’s okay) .......... Of course I didn't post her name.

Food was left out all night? No thanks. How could they be this careless with items like dairy and meat?

This is really bad considering how many people probably bought those items and potentially got sick. It's also bad knowing the high cost of groceries these days. People may have wasted their entire paychecks on tainted meat.

According to WNYT the inspector did a full inspection and the end results were 295 pounds of food have to be taken and "destroyed."

I am absolutely disgusted by this.

I have only shopped at Aldi a few times but I am certainly going to be hesitant to go there for anything.

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