Schenectady BBQ Joint Ranked #2 In All Of Upstate
Schenectady has great food, we all know that.  Known mostly for it's outstanding Italian food and pastries, the Electric City appears to be making a name for itself in the world of BBQ as well.  A recent survey of Yelp reviews ranked the Top 25 best BBQ restaurants in all of Upstate, …
Win Free Chicken For A Year
How would you like to win chicken for an entire year from Perdue? Well there is a sweepstakes going on right now that could get you the white meat and other great prizes. Here's how to apply.
Chick-Fil-A in Albany?
Chick-fil-A is the latest food chain scouting locations in the Albany, New York area!  That's right—they're currently looking for a home here in the Capital Region!
KFC’s New Hot Dog Uses Fried Chicken As Bun
Gross or Good?
KFC has introduced an experimental product in the Philippines called the Double Down Dog.  Remember the Double Down sandwich, that used fried chicken instead of a bun?  This is like that . . . but with a HOT DOG inside.
So the Double Down Dog is a hot dog that uses fried chick…

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