The McDonald's on Route 50 will reopen at 10am Wednesday with a few new twists.

Table service? Yep. How about a kiosk at your table to order? Both are being implemented at the newly renovated McDonald's in Saratoga Springs, according to the Times Union. 

It's a new twist for the legendary food chain: you will be able to order your meal from your table's kiosk and your food will be brought to you. (Don't worry, if you like ordering the old fashion way you can do that too!) You will also be able to pay right at the kiosk.

Now, if you don't have kids, these new features really do make McDonald's more convenient. If you do, you know there is one thing they still need to help us parents with: getting the kids out of the Playplace, It's impossible, right?. Crawling inside those crazy setups to round up the kiddos is one of the most difficult tasks you will face as a parent. It's so difficult I find the need to reward myself with another order of fries as a reward. (Now that I think about it, McDonald's higher ups - leave this one as is!)

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