Here is the latest on when you can expect to get your stimulus check from the federal government.

While many are going through difficult times, the economic stimulus is a little bit if financial relief that wil be coming soon. According to CBS 6, here's the latest on when you can expect the first round of stimulus payments to go out:

  • For those who have already set up direct deposit on past tax returns, funds should start popping up in accounts April 13 (All accounts won't be deposited on that day; initial deposits will be based on need)
  • Physical checks will start getting mailed out the week of May 4th. They will go 5 million at a time, and could take 20 weeks to get out to all Americans. Again these will go out based on need.

As we previously reported, the amount you get will be based on income and how many children you have. Lets hope by the time everyone gets their payments, things will have turned around!

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