Fans that are new to Star Trek probably don't remember "Gorn" but you're about to meet him and his "people". 

If you're like me you grew up watching Captain Kirk lead his crew boldly where no one had gone before. William Shatner will always be Kirk to me. One of my favorite all time episodes of the original show was when Kirk fought the giant lizard man named "Gorn". Chris Pine is pretty great as Kirk also, even if that's hard for me to admit. So imagine how happy I am now that he get's to fight Gorn.

"Star Trek: The Video Game" is about the Vulcan's attempting to recreate their home world with a "Rift Machine". Sadly the machine let's the Lizard People in to the Trek universe and they steal the machine. Kirk and crew try to save the day. Here is a great commercial for the game.



and here is the original battle between Kirk and Gorn.




Star Trek The Video Game is in stores now.