Saratoga Spa State Park has announced this past season was the last for mounted horse patrols.

They are as much a part of the show experience as the bands themselves: the mounted patrols at SPAC. Maybe it was a nostalgia thing, but it was always cool to see them walking around at the shows.

Well, it turns our they are being retired. According to the Times Union, the last 2 horses will be put out to pasture and the patrols will be replaced by ATV and bicycle patrols.

I will say this is a logical move. Caring for the horses takes a lot of time and effort, and ya gotta figure it is easier getting around on a bike or SUV. The sight of those patrols will be missed though.

So at the next country show at SPAC, it looks like you will get a nice whiff of exhaust opposed to, well, ya know.

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