Instead of stressing over the white stuff which is piling up. Sometimes it is nice to have a little fun to de-stress before you go out for another round of shoveling or snow blowing.So I have put together some fun sentences that are snow related so all you fun listeners can fill in the blanks. You can do it by commenting on the story here, or comment on it when you see it on the WGNA Facebook page. Please, be humorous but try to refrain from suing profanity. I know that may be asking a lot with the storm which had been named Nemo. That alone could provide some great punchlines. LOL


1. The last time I saw this much snow I was ______________.

2. _________________ this snow. I would rather be _________ing.

3. This snow is crazy. I'm just going to stay inside and drink ______ and eat ____.

4. I'm going to watch a good movie tonight while it snows, probably _________.

I look forward to seeing your responses. Share this with your friends. Now for a serious moment see the latest local Winter Storm Warning info and the local forecast details for the next couple of days.

And, to put a musical spin on this fun story Republic Nashville recording artist Greg Bates has an awesome new song out on the charts that's playing everyday on Today's Country 1077 'GNA which just happens to be titled "Fill In The Blank".