Enough is enough! Can Winter just leave now?

I have shoveled and ran the snow blower more than ever in the past 30 days. Three sizable storms in one week was enough.

I'm sure a few of you have said the same thing recently, probably using some more colorful terms than I have in this blog. It's America, you have the right to vent and use profanity. Just be nice and look over both shoulders to make sure no kids are sround before you let loose with a colorful description of the weatherman.

When you hear the snowmobilers griping about the snow you know its time for Spring. Last night I heard just that. They were saying that the trail conditions sucked, and their backs are killing them from the bumpy rides.

Therefore I delcare today the first "unofficial" day of Spring.

Who needs a groundhog, weasel, woodchuck, badger or some other rabies infested varmint to make the call.

The picture on ths blog was taken by my good friend in Manchester, New Hampshire  at St. John's United Methodist Church and it says "Whoever is praying for snow please stop" . In other words when God says we've had enough, what else needs to be said.

Let's play baseball! Go Braves!

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