Two FBI agents sadly lost their lives in the line of duty down in Florida on Tuesday, gunned down by a child-pornography suspect according to sources.  One of the agents was 36-year-old Daniel Alfin who worked and lived in the Capital Region for 5 years from 2009-2014.  Alfin, a decorated Special Agent was notorious for catching internet predators.

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According to the Times Union, former colleague and retired agent Andrew Vale had this to say of the fallen hero, "he was respected by all who came in contact with him. As good as an agent he was, Dan was an even better person. We will all grieve this senseless loss for a very long time.”

The Times Union noted that Alfin had addresses in Greene County and in Albany from 2009-2014 when he was working in the Capital Region at the FBI's Albany field office.

Sadly, the other agent shot and killed was Laura Schwartzenberger who was 43-years-old.

In a statement by the FBI, "three other agents were shot and wounded; two suffered injuries requiring hospital care, but both are now in stable condition. The third injured agent did not require hospitalization."

The New York Post is reporting that while the agents approached the predators home, he watched through a doorbell camera and bombarded them with gunfire.  The NY Post claims that the attacker used an automatic weapon that he actually fired through the door both agents were approaching and that there were "several huge holes in the door going outward." 

The Post reported that the gunman barricaded himself in the apartment after the attack, later taking his own life.

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