It sounds like Shania Twain won't be telling Luke Bryan to come on over anytime soon. According to Bryan, the "That Don't Impress Me Much" singer won't even give him her phone number!

That's just one amusing anecdote that emerged on Watch What Happens Live this week, when Bryan appeared on the show alongside Morning Joe's Willie Geist. Playing a special country edition of "Never Have I Ever" with host Andy Cohen, the "One Margarita" crooner spilled the beans.

In keeping with the rules of the drinking game, Bryan had to take a sip — yes, from a margarita — each time Cohen mentioned something the musician had done. It started with a given before one of the more exciting queries emerged. Namely, has Bryan ever exchanged texts with Twain?

"Never," Bryan responds as he holds his drink in front of him.

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The admission garnered a follow-up question from the Watch What Happens host: "Do you have her number?" Cohen asks.

"She refuses to give it to me," Bryan quips, drawing a couple of chuckles from both Cohen and Geist.

The query that preceded it challenged the musician on if he'd ever driven a tractor while shirtless. As Bryan took a swig from his marg to affirm that he had, Cohen commented, "He has! OK, that's super country."

But that didn't come before the country star sought clarification on the game's specifics. It's a plea not unusual for someone participating in the contest that asks players about things they haven't done. The competitors take a drink only if they have done that thing. ("So drink if I have?" Bryan asked.)

Ten more interesting questions got lobbed at the musician before the game concluded, so be sure to watch the above video to see them all. Bryan's new album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, arrived last week.

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