The flu season is upon us and there haven't been many cases reported in our area yet. However, the New York State Department of Health is saying that this is a severe strand and if you got the flu shot, it may only be 10% effective. Whenever you ask a health professional the best way to fight the flu, they will usually say to get the flu shot. Even though that is still the number one way, this vaccine appears to only be ten percent effective.

More and more cases of the flu are popping up in the south, but the CDC says that it is hitting faster than usual. This time last year, there were zero cases of states with high flu levels. The New York State Department of Health has a comprehensive website that not only gives tips to try and prevent the flu but other valuable information.

You can see, weekly, which areas across New York state has the flu virus by county. The CDC is reporting hundreds of new cases each week across the country and fear that those numbers could keep climbing right through the holidays.

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