We all get those notifications for emergency alerts. Well, Senator Chuck Schumer thinks we should just get them but they should include photos as well.

Now we all at some point or another have cursed the alerts that we have no control of. Whether it be in the middle of the night and of course the ringer was on and it woke us up. Maybe it even your phone made itself known during an important moment like a meeting that was important to you. Either way it can be a bit embarrassing.

What Senator Charles Schumer is thinking, especially with the alert many of us received with the bombing from last week, we should receive with that alert a photo. I can certainly agree. Okay, maybe if a tornado warning comes up we don't need a little photo of a twister popping up but in the matter of a bombing or even an amber alert I would like to see a photo of the suspect, right?

The FCC who is in charge of said messages sent to millions of american's is currently trying to find a way to make it so we can. They need to make messages longer and be able to embed a photo in it. Obviously for every emergency alert this is not an issue. Like I said if we see a snowfall warning we don't need it. If we have a bombing or shooting, yes we would like one.

Do you agree??

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