It's so amazing to have a supporter like the great NY Senator Hugh Farley on your side, and he has been a great friend of the show for many years.  St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without him coming on the air with us and serenading our listeners with a classic Irish song. 

Senator Hugh Farley has not only been a great friend, but  as supported our efforts each year for the past decade to help  the families of fallen police officers on Blue Friday.   In fact, each year he introduces it in the Senate and it always gets unanimously recognized as a special day for NY.
We hope you will come and support Blue Friday by stopping by on April 24th at Hannaford Supermarkets on Wolf Road along with the 99 Restaurant in Wilton.  All the information is right here.
But back to the real business at hand. Here's the great Senator singing "Harrigan" on the air live !
photo by Richie Phillips