A second case of the measles has been discovered here in the Albany area. It's been about two weeks since the Department of Health issued their advisory after an RPI student contracted the rare respiratory infection.  Now a young child has been diagnosed with the measles.

The identity of the child has not been released, however; authorities are investigating the possibility that the child was at the emergency room at the same time as the RPI student.  Which means, other people could have been exposed and contracted the virus if they were at any of the following places at such times (according to the Times Union).  Here are places the child with measles could have exposed others:

  • "Seton Health (St. Mary's) Emergency Department: May 26th from 5am to 8:30am or May 27th from 9pm to May 28th 1am.
  • Albany Medical Center Hospital Emergency Department triage area: May 28th from 1am to 1pm
  • Seton Pediatrics or the medical building: 500 Federal Street, May 24th between 1pm and 3:30pm
  • Seton Internal Medicine: 147 Hoosick St., Troy, May 26th between 11am and 2pm
  • Price Chopper, Hoosick St., Troy: May 26th between noon and 3pm
  • Goodwill on Hoosick St., Troy: May 26th between noon and 3pm"

The possible places of exposure from the RPI student, can be found here

It is a highly contagious virus.  Women who are pregnant or people with compromised immune systems are at risk the most.

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