I am by far no magician in the kitchen but every once in a while I like to try to make something I love to eat all by myself. Almost a year ago I impressed myself and a lot of friends with my attempt at Garlic soup, it was amazing. I totally recommend you follow that recipe. Today I wanted to do another appetizer I love, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. If I'm being totally honest , I need to work out a few things on this recipe, maybe you can see what I did and give me some recommendations to make it better.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

First of all to start you will need a dozen or so jalapeno peppers, 1 package of cream cheese, shredded sharp cheddar cheese and a package of bacon.

Pre- heat your oven to 400 degrees, and line a backing sheet with aluminum foil. ( I also sprayed the foil with Pam.)

Photo, Sean McMaster

The prep is pretty easy , you just cut the peppers in half lengthwise, clean out the seeds (we will talk about this step later so do not prepare this recipe before you read the whole blog!) and set aside. Now combine the cream cheese and the cheddar cheese in a mixing bowl and fill the pepper halves and put them back together. Now simply wrap the pepper tightly with a strip of bacon and set on the baking sheet , about an inch apart.


Now it's just about the baking, I had mine in for about 20 minutes when I realized the the bacon was not getting as crispy as I wanted so I switched the oven to broil, put the pan on the top rack and let that go for about 5 minutes. If I were to do it again I think I would bake for only 10 - 15 minutes and then broil to crisp. This way the Jalapeno peppers wont be too soft.

Here is where I need your help. My poppers came out pretty good although they were a tad greasy but they had virtually no kick to them what so ever. Do you think I should have left some of the seeds if not all of them in? I am pretty sure I will do it that way on my next attempt. I would love your input though, what could I have done to make them even better? Let me know!