The way this little parody project came together is a great testament to the incredible power of Facebook and fate. Allow me to explain.

First the issue at hand: Eric Schneiderman is the NYS Attorney General and has been featured heavily in the news lately for a myriad of reasons. The alleged corruption scandal involving Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, questions about the legality of online fantasy sports and the like.

So I was rolling the name "Schneiderman" around in my head one evening, which quickly had me imagining him as a crime-fighting superhero. Hmmmm...Schneiderman? SPIDERMAN!  OMG -THAT'S IT! A parody of Spiderman. "Holy animation! Let's find someone who can bring this to life as a cartoon," I said to myself at 2 a.m. that morning.   But who can I get?

When in doubt, Facebook. I immediately got a response from one Jennifer Goodwin.  I explained what I was looking for, and she sent me to her website to check out her work on How perfect is this? She's an animator, illustrator and graphic artist with many, many projects to her credit. You can also follow her on Facebook. 

Oh yea, and if you think what you are seeing here is amazing, you ain't seen nothing yet!  (scroll to the bottom)

It's always been a bucket list thing for someone to create an animated version of something that I've written but I never thought I would see it happen. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of Jennifer and what must have been many nights slaving over a hot laptop. Everyone I have shown this too has had to reach down and pick their jaws up off of the floor.


Please share this with everyone you know.  I'm sure there'll be many more of you who will develop a dreaded case of "drop jaw" (including Eric Schneiderman, I'm sure!) Apologies for that in advance, Eric. Just having a little fun here.