Today on the Sean and Bethany Show we talked about the situation that has arisen involving the K9 unit of the Saratoga County Sheriff's office. I wrote in an article yesterday saying that K9 Brodie was to be reassigned to another officer after his current handler decided to leave the K9 unit. There was a beautifully written letter from officer's wife circulating on social media expressing there desire to have Brodie retired so that he could continue to live with the family he has known for 4 years.

While in my article I attempted to see the other side of the story, until now we have not heard from anyone at the Saratoga County Sheriff's office, until now. The Sheriff addressed the issue today on the Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo Facebook page.

I really did appreciate the Sheriff publicly addressing the situation and can understand the very difficult choices he has had to make in this matters as well as many budgetary issues  his job entails daily. I also feel deeply for the handler and his family who are feeling like they are losing part of their family, I truly hope that they all find peace and treasure their memories with Brodie and get visit him soon provided that is also good for Brodie.

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