Sam Hunt isn't the star of his new music video for "Single for the Summer." Instead, the clip features stunning girls and crashing waves, and after watching, viewers will realize that they didn't even see Hunt at all -- or did they?

The Steven Alan-directed clip, which focuses on a blonde woman, was filmed in such a way that the camera acts as the singer's point of view. The woman reaches back to grab the hand of someone -- perhaps Hunt, though it's hard to tell from a blurry shadow -- as the video follows her splashing in the waves, throwing a Frisbee, hanging out with the girls and generally experiencing the epitome of a perfect summer. In fact, the music video captures the feeling of freedom and downright irresponsibility that Hunt sings about in "Single for the Summer."

"Blame it on the bikinis, party girls and martinis, and the sunshine / Private school daughters that never go underwater, keeping their hair just right," the lyrics go. "I know in September, I'm gonna remember how much I loved her / I'm single for the suh-uh-uh, single for the summer."

The "Single for the Summer" video is completely different from Hunt's more serious "Take Your Time" and "Break Up in a Small Town" clips. And though many fans were probably hoping to see Hunt's beach body on camera, the video does a good job of not succumbing to that cliche.

"Single for the Summer" comes from Montevallo, Hunt's debut studio record. The artist promises that the project's fresh sound will carry over to his second disc.

“I love so many styles of music. I wish I could make multiple records, stylistically,” Hunt tells Taste of Country. “The way that I’m gonna remedy that is to make a diverse record with a lot of different styles on one record.”

Hunt will stay busy this summer, performing on Kenny Chesney‘s 2016 Spread the Love Tour, along with Miranda Lambert and Old Dominion.

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