Mosquitos are the worst, and Russia doesn't sound too awesome, so this doesn't surprise me much...

The Russian town of Berezniki is setting up for its three-day Mosquito Festival which includes is "Most Delicious Girl" contest.

No, I know, it's almost too ridiculous to believe, but it's true.

I guess the event was started as a "joke" festival but eventually became an actual thing.

The "Most Delicious Girl" contest has women compete to see who can attract the most mosquito bites in 20 minutes.

A previous winner racked up more than 100 bites!  Can you imagine?!

The set of judges includes a doctor, so don't worry too much about the health and safety of the women.

Apparently the festival's organizer says women who have the best luck "eat well, don't drink, and don't smoke."  Take notes, ladies.

More than 3,000 people are expected at the festival!  But, I mean, what else do you do in Berezniki?

If you're headed over, be sure you don't miss the less-than-PC "Mosquito Legs" contest!  You guessed it, it's when the thinness of women's legs is judged!  Sounds perfect!

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