Riley Green is releasing he full-length debut album later this year but one track was leaked on YouTube. If you have a heart, this song is going to hit you right in the feels and Riley Green told me what it was about.

Riley Green opened up for Brad Paisley on Thursday at SPAC for the Brad Paisley World Tour. Before the show, I had a chance to talk to Riley Green about my personal experiences with his song and to tell him that he should've come another week!

If you haven't listened to his previous EP, there's a song on there called "Numbers on the Cars" where he talks about a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. It's a beautiful song that anyone, myself included, who has experience with his disease would completely understand.

Along the same lane, is a new song called "I Wish Grandpa's Never Died" which he played on stage the other night. This song takes you through a journey of life and life's hardships. Riley took a few minutes to talk about the upcoming song and what inspired him to released it, in the video below.

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