I thought this was kind of interesting – and maybe I could learn from this myself because I always use  a to do list, and God knows I'm not rich

According to the Huffington Post.com,   a researcher followed the work habits of over 200 billionaires, Olympians, and entrepreneurs.   He found that very few of them actually employ a To Do list. Why?

1.   They say that over 40% of to do list items end up  taking up residence on the list and never get done

2.   When you have a real long list you don't know which ones are the ones that are really really crucial to complete  and which ones can wait because it's never categorized like that.

Screen Shot Todo list
photo by Richie Phillips

3.  A long list of unfinished chores and tasks doesn't really alleviate tension, it adds to it!   You look at the list and you feel more overwhelmed instead of less!

OK, so what's the answer?   According to the article you should put things on your calendar instead, because everything has a time designation and  you can also put a time limit on when things should be done

Go on Facebook for 30 minutes starting at 1PM daily.  See?  If you put it that way, it's more strict and defined.  You can find out more from the article.  Do you agree?  Is that the way YOU work? I don't.  I have one long, long list even as we speak.   I guess I will always be hurting for cash and ready for a nervous breakdown.

Would love to see the way YOU work.

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